S o u n d   S e s s i o n s

Choose a session type you prefer and book the session duration below.

Harp + Resonance:

This session includes a guided meditation with imagery to induce a deeply relaxed state.  The powerful healing sounds of the harp reduce stress hormones and trigger your body's natural healing mechanisms.

Available as 30min, 45min, or 1 hr.


Singing bowls + gong

Restore and unwind in this session with guided relaxation techniques to calm your nervous system, reset and recharge brain activity, and clear stress from the mind and body.

Available as 30min or 45min.


voice + resilience

Your voice is the most powerful instrument. This session releases oxytocin, empowers your voice, releases vocal tension, extinguishes anxiety and calms worried thoughts using vocal toning techniques that give you a tool to relieve stress. Open and connect to your true voice!

Available as 45min or 1 hr.


music + self-care

This is the signature music therapy session for personal growth using music to connect more deeply to your inner self.  Learn to connect to your truest self and how to navigate life with this connection. Learn sound meditation techniques as introspective practices that can be used at any time to relieve stress. Session will include harp, singing bowls, gong, voice and/or essential oils as preferred.

Available as 1 hr.


sound meditation class

In a group format, learn meditative techniques with sound in order to induce relaxed states and learn mastery of the mind. No meditation experience required.  All classes are practiced in a laying down position for a more restorative experience.

1 hour individual session


  • Available

30-minute individual session


  • Available

45-minute individual session


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Both Music Therapy and Sound Therapy sessions share a common healing mechanism that make the interventions effective.  In these sessions sound is being used to retrain the nervous system to respond in a way that is ideal for repair of the body and there is also a training effect for your mind so that you will feel better physically, you will feel stronger emotionally and more clear mentally.  Interventions are based on a "Whole Person Integrative Approach" that bring healing by integrating the body, nervous system and mind, and by balancing the biological and energetic systems of the body.