Therapy Sessions

Both Music Therapy and Sound Therapy sessions share a common healing mechanism that make the interventions effective.  In these sessions sound is being used to retrain the nervous system to respond in a way that is ideal for repair of the body and there is also a training effect for your mind so that you will feel better physically, you will feel stronger emotionally and more clear mentally.  Interventions are based on a "Whole Person Integrative Approach" that bring healing by integrating the body, nervous system and mind, and by balancing the biological and energetic systems of the body.

Music Therapy Session

In an individual music therapy session you will experience a live therapeutic sound intervention with either the harp, singing bowls or voice.  These sessions are designed to your area of need. The sound interventions have the capacity to facilitate physical healing, emotional healing and trigger biochemical changes in the body that can induce deep relaxed states. In these sessions you may also develop strategies for self care that you can use at home.  The interventions can help you gain insight into your needs and how best to bring healing into your life.  Sessions can also help you connect to your authentic self in a way that builds inner strength, insight and self love.


What to Expect

Contact me to discuss if a music therapy session is the best fit for you.  The 1st session will be 1 hour.  We will talk about your needs and goals so that I have a good understanding of which sound intervention is best for you.  You will experience a 30-40 minute live sound intervention. After the intervention we will verbally process your experience.  Once you have had an initial session you may choose the option to do a shorter session (30 min) that involves less verbal processing and just the music intervention.


Sound Therapy Session

In an individual sound therapy session you will experience a live therapeutic sound intervention with either the harp or singing bowls.  These sessions are different than music therapy sessions because they do not involve as much verbal processing, personal exploration or work on personal insights.  These sessions are restorative and are a good fit if you just need to recharge, support physical healing, or use as an adjunct to your other therapies.  If you are just interested in experiencing the restorative aspects of sound, reducing stress hormone levels in the body and reversing the effects of stress, then these sessions may be a good fit for you.


What to expect

Contact me to discuss if a sound therapy session is the best fit for you.  I offer 30-min and 45-min sessions for sound therapy. You will receive some guidance on how to listen and how to be present during the intervention. You will lay down, rest in ease and be enveloped by soothing sounds for your mind and body for this session.

1 hour music therapy session


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30-minute sound therapy session


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