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Why experience therapeutic sound?

Private sound therapy sessions

The sessions and classes offered here are designed by board certified Music Therapist, Andrea Cortez, MM, MT-BC who was trained in neurologic music therapy.  She bases her work in the science of sound to improve and enhance physical, mental and emotional functioning. Sound is a powerful tool to heal the brain, mind and physical body due to sound's unique qualities and it's ability to harmonize, rebalance and correct the internal rhythms of the body's biological systems. 

Benefits for You

  • Helps to Prevent burn out

  • Restores energy when you are mentally & physically fatigued

  • You Learn how to feel grounded and centered

  • Creates stillness and peace in your life

  • Reduces levels of cortisol , the stress hormone

  • Increases oxytocin, a very feel good natural chemical in body

  • Improves self mastery over your mind & emotions

  • Healing for your brain, improves mental clarity

  • Helps your body recover from illness

How does sound therapy work?

My therapeutic approach

My focus is on soothing the nervous system and retraining it into a calm and balanced state. These sessions are more than just a time to relax. They can help balance brain activity and help retrain you into a new way of responding to stress. I use guided meditation techniques in sessions to help you practice mindful attention to your physical presence, connecting your mind to your breath and increasing your self awareness. I use imagery while creating healing soundscapes to help you connect inward into your own stillness and peace while cultivating a stronger connection to your own heart and inner wisdom. All in all, this is about helping you feel balanced, positive, calm and recharged.

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