Sound Meditation: Bowls + Gong , May 11th

Sound Meditation: Bowls + Gong , May 11th


Class date & time: May 11th, Saturday, 1-2p. Location: 2324 E. Cesar Chavez, 78702. Inside Soma Vida Wellness

This is a meditative and therapeutic sound experience with the rich sounds of the singing bowls and gong. This class is about learning to relax the mind, unwind stress and listen deeply. You can either lay down or sit as you are guided through a soundscape of restorative sound. If you are interested in learning more in depth techniques of sound meditation, feel free to ask in class and learn how to deepen your practice.

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This class is May 11th, Saturday from 1-2p. Located at 2324 E Cesar Chavez

inside Soma Vida Wellness.