Sound Meditation: Healing Harp, May 9th

Sound Meditation: Healing Harp, May 9th


Class date & time: May 9th, Thursday, 7:30-8:30p. Location: 2324 E. Cesar Chavez st., 78702. Inside Soma Vida Wellness.

In this class you will experience the live beautiful vibrations of the harp as you are guided into meditation and deep relaxation. You may use this class to relieve stress and to restore energy to your mind and body. Often harp meditations evoke imagery and creativity as well as unlock the inner sight that we each have. This is helpful for finding clarity and balance in your daily life.

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This class is Thursday May 9th, 7:30-8:30p. We are located at 2324 E. Cesar Chavez

inside Soma Vida Wellness.