We offer music therapy sessions which consists of the therapeutic use of music and sound to bring about a desired non-musical outcome.  We do not teach you music to become a performer or musician, rather we use live music experiences to improve your health, functional life skills and well-being.

Goals Addressed

Reduce symptoms of chronic stress, anxiety and depression.  Regulate blood pressure and heart rate.  Improve sleep and teach stress relief tools.

Restorative Sound Sessions

These sessions can be taken on an 'as needed' basis and do not require an on-going treatment plan.  These sessions are designed to trigger the relaxation response in the body and help you to turn off the "fight or flight" mode.  The instruments used in these sessions including singing bowls and harp facilitate a shift in brain wave patterns into an alpha state, which is characterized by deep relaxation and favorable for your immune system.

Individual Music Therapy Sessions

These sessions provide ongoing support for those looking to learn the tools for relieving stress, anxiety, depression and to explore deeper self-healing. We address goals such as reducing the physical and mental effects of stress and anxiety, releasing physical tension in the body through sound, training the nervous system to switch into relaxation and training the mind to be more settled and at peace. 

These sessions integrate live music using therapeutic harp, singing bowls and vocal techniques.  

Customized Therapeutic Recordings

You can request a customized recording with the harp and/or singing bowls.  The music is composed targeting your needs. Some examples include music for sleep, reducing anxiety, reducing blood pressure, regulating heart rate, improving focus and improving mood.

Sound Meditation Groups

We have regular classes and groups in which you can learn the benefits of sound and vibration.  Most of our groups involve learning about sound meditation using the singing bowls or harp.  Our groups also incorporate elements of self-care that you can utilize to improve your well-being.