Sound Meditation

Sound Meditation is a method of using sound or music to facilitate mental focus, attention, physical relaxation and train mental mastery.  This method has very practical outcomes when practiced correctly and with 100% willingness to engage your mind, body and energy. 



When you practice sound meditation you are training your mind at a neurologic level, creating new pathways in the brain for better attention, improved listening skills, emotional regulation and mental control.

Some outcomes include:

  • Improved attention/concentration
  • Improved self-reflection
  • Ability to quiet the mind
  • A changed state of mind 

Private Training

Individual sound meditation sessions are available in which you develop a practice: to relieve stress, to reduce anxiety, to improve attention or for personal self-development.  Get more info.


You can check the schedule to see what sound meditation classes or workshops are happening this month. Get more info.

Tibetan Singing Bowls

The Tibetan singing bowls are the main instruments that we use in our sound meditations.  These instruments produce very unique sounds, rich in harmonic overtones that have therapeutic effects on the mind, body and energy.