Music Therapy is a professional field of practice using therapeutic music interventions to improve emotional, physical and cognitive health.  Music therapists are required to complete at least a 4-year degree in music therapy at an accredited university.  Music therapists are vigorously trained as in other therapy fields and complete an internship with a board certification. 

Andrea's speciality as a music therapist is a "Whole Person Integrative Approach" using therapeutic sound interventions that heal by integrating the body, nervous system and mind, and by balancing the biological and energetic systems of the body.  The music and sound interventions she uses also help you to connect to your authentic self in a way that builds inner strength, insight and self love.


As a music therapist Andrea is trained to be skilled in multiple areas; as a musician, a therapist and as a researcher always considering the science of sound and the best methods for using music and sound in therapeutic applications.

Individual therapy sessions facilitate mental and emotional healing for those experiencing depression and anxiety. Sessions also facilitate physical healing for those with stress related illness, trauma, fibromyalgia, IBS, pain and high blood pressure.