Sound Meditation

Sound Meditation is a mental practice engaging your attention to sound.  This practice can train mental and emotional mastery.  It is sound that makes this type of meditation practice unique. The sound waves travel as energy from the sound source to the listener, who may experience shifts in awareness, physical relaxation and an ease in mental activity. This method has very practical outcomes when practiced correctly and with 100% willingness to engage your mind, body and energy. 



When you practice sound meditation you are training your mind at a neurologic level, creating new pathways in the brain for better attention, improved listening skills, emotional regulation and mental control.  Sound meditation has a biochemical effect, reducing stress hormones and creating a feeling of contentment and relaxation.

Some outcomes include:

  • Improved attention/concentration
  • Improved self-reflection
  • Ability to quiet the mind
  • A changed state of mind 
  • Ability to stop habitual thinking patterns
  • Increased stability in mind
  • More profound spiritual connection to the heart and self
  • Shift into physical and mental relaxation

Sound Meditation Classes

I offer live sound meditation classes that utilize the therapeutic benefits of sound to facilitate emotional wellness, relaxed meditative states and physical restoration.  In our classes you can expect to experience live therapeutic sound with the harp, Tibetan singing bowls or other instruments.  In some of our classes you will lay down to experience sound, other classes are more interactive and you practice a sitting meditation. 


Community events

If you are interested in having a sound mediation for a private gathering, public facility or retreat you can contact me to get more information.  I do travel with my instruments outside of the studio.