Sound   Is

A  revolution  for  your  mind

A   healing  remedy  for  your  body

Sound Meditation

A method of using sound and music to facilitate mental focus, self-reflection, physical relaxation and expand consciousness.

Music Therapy

A healthcare field of practice using music to improve physical, mental,

emotional and spiritual health.

Music-Based Mindfulness

Practices using music or sound to reduce stress, to establish peace in the mind and to bring the mind into the present moment.




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Sadhana: Harp Meditations

Music designed for sound meditation and to induce positive effects on brain activity. 


Sadhana is therapeutically created music with the beautiful sounds of the harp.  This album was created to facilitate mental focus with a relaxed mind which you can use to begin your practice of sound meditation.  Special instructions are given when you purchase and download this album.  This music recorded by music therapist, Andrea Cortez, was particularly designed to be therapeutic and to not only enhance your meditation but also to create neurologic effects of desirable brain activity.

(Once you purchase, you will receive an email with the music files and a PDF of instructions on ways to use the music)


Music is at the very essence of our human nature, rhythm, melody and song bringing people together, creating harmony and even synchronizing us at the smallest level of our cells. How can music be considered anything less than amazing, beautiful and divinely ordered.   --Andrea Cortez, MM, MT-BC

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