Listen. ResonatE. Restore.

Sound Therapy & Sound Meditation

Welcome to Mind Body Music Center

If you are yearning for a moment of stillness, pause and restoration then these Sound Therapy and Sound Meditation experiences are the perfect doorway into realizing the peace and calm you need. Step into a world of healing sound. This music is here to support You, your health and your personal spiritual journey.

Mind Body Music Center is a music therapy studio founded by music therapist, Andrea Cortez, MM, MT-BC who designs sound experiences for healing, resilience and meditation.

Your Health Matters

Sound Therapy is medicine for your mind and restorative for your physical body.

Music moves us like nothing else, it softens the heart and relaxes the mind.

What people Say

“Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. I have LOVED attending your sound classes so much. It feels really special to have that sort of healing experience.” —Sound Meditation class attendee

“Andrea is AMAZING! Listening to her play the harp transports me to a place of inner peace, calm, pure joy, gratitude, and self-love. After listening to her play music, I am more calm, I feel lighter, and my mood is elevated. Do your nervous system a favor and book a session with Andrea.” —Sound Meditation attendee

“Your work is pure Divine rhythm, it is so profound and powerful. In it there is perfect stillness and in that stillness there is Everything.” —Sound Therapy client

“I have never felt so immersed in sound and pure delight. You will feel the stress leave your body and replaced with relaxed energy. Yay for Mind Body Music.” —Sound Therapy client

There is Silence in Music


Music Heals the Brain

Music Therapy & Sound Therapy

Music therapy is a professional field of practice that is offered worldwide in universities with years of research exploring how music affects our physical, cognitive, mental and emotional health. There are many studies showing that music listening and music making can help re-wire neuronal pathways in the damaged brain, improve auditory processing in non-injured brains as well as, regulate mood, and synchronize brain activity into relaxed states.

As a board-certified Music Therapist, with my Master’s degree in Music Therapy, I combine both music therapy and sound therapy in my practice. I love discussing topics on the science of sound, so if you want to learn more check out my podcast, Be Well : Be Sound.


My work is based in the science of sound…

Creating therapeutic music and sound is a science as much as it is an art. Both are required in order to understand how to make a therapeutic music experience that is soothing to the nervous system, calming for the mind, and balancing for the physiological systems of the body. A music therapist or sound therapist must understand the elements of sound, vibration, harmony, rhythm, pulse, tempo, dynamics, melody, pause, frequency, overtones and timbre, and then master the application of each of these in sound experiences. MORE ABOUT MUSIC THERAPIST, ANDREA CORTEZ, MM, MT-BC